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Katie lives in Auckland with her boys, Korbyn (9) and Denver (3). Her family’s Christmas tradition used to be a roast and a pavlova, but for the past couple of years, that just hasn’t been possible.

Last year, Katie’s heart was broken when the only Christmas lunch she could give the boys was sausages and bread. They made the best of it by drawing little Santa hats on the sausages with tomato sauce. She felt awful that she couldn't even bake a pavlova for the boys, but there was simply no choice. There was no room in her budget for the simple ingredients.
“For me, an ideal Christmas is not feeing stressed about money or food, and to be able to make my boys feel special.”

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Katie’s experience is echoed across the country. Many hard-working parents are worrying about whether they will even be able to provide a Christmas meal for their children, as they’re regularly forced to choose between food or bills.

Shockingly, only 1.2% of the families Variety works with are fully food secure.

It can actually be so simple to make a kid’s Christmas. A donation today can give children like Korbyn and Denver a chance to enjoy their mum’s homemade pavlova this year.

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The team at Variety wish you and your loved ones a safe and happy holiday season! 

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